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The your leva app allows you to see your pelvic floor muscle moving in real time. The your leva app assures you that you are doing your exercises correctly while seamlessly capturing your data and automatically keeping track of your improvement over time. The leva pelvic training system, which includes the leva, the your leva app, your physician, and you, is a unique healthcare tool for your pelvic floor health.


leva is a simple, easy to use, FDA cleared, prescribed pelvic floor trainer. The your leva app for Android™ and iOS works seamlessly via Bluetooth with the leva to help you rehabilitate and train weak pelvic floor muscles and see your pelvic floor training in real time. Use this app to connect with your leva pelvic floor trainer and get a complete picture of the lift of your pelvic floor as you exercise. Be a part of the team: the leva, the your leva app, you and your physician working together toward a common goal.


Easy to Use


FDA Cleared


Trackable results



Installing the your leva App

The your leva app is free and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play . You may want to have a passcode on your smartphone device to protect your privacy.

Using the your leva App

1. Sign in using your username and password that you created with your healthcare provider. Select the ‘Remember Me’ box if you want the app to remember your username and password in the future. Press OK once you have entered your username and password.

2. When using the app for the first time, it opens to the Tour screen. Swipe through the tour screens to learn more about leva. If you do not want to go through the tour again, press the ‘Skip Tour Forever’ box. You will always be able to access the Tour using the Tour icon from the home screen.

3. Once you finish the Tour, you will be at the Home screen. This screen contains icons for Training, History, Tour, Info, the leva Website, Live Mode, Anatomy, and FAQs. At the bottom of this screen, you can see Bluetooth connectivity, battery status, and leva connection status.

The Anatomy Icon

Tapping this icon will show you a video of how your anatomy works while you are doing your pelvic floor exercises.

Notice during the correct Lift Motion video that you need to lift and not bear down. Once you feel comfortable with the motion, you are ready to start your training.

Tap on the return arrow at the top of the screen and go back to the Training screen.

The Training Icon

Your journey to a stronger and healthier pelvic floor starts here.

Learn More

The your leva app prompts you to check your position. Stand up and get comfortable. You will need to stay in this position for the duration of the training session (2 1/2 minutes) to get an accurate score.

When you tap on the Start button, you start the five session training module. Each session begins with a 3 second countdown to ‘Get Ready to Kegel’. Next you will hold your best Kegel for 15 seconds (Hold Your Kegel screen), followed by 15 seconds of rest (Rest screen). It’s not as easy as it looks; you will need the rest for your next strong Kegel.

Don’t worry if you can’t hold your Kegel for the entire 15 seconds. At the beginning of training, most women can’t. It is important to hold it as best as you can. This is an important part of your score. Your endurance will improve with your effort, training, and time.

Note: If you need to stop training at anytime before the end of the 5 intervals, press Stop. Do not press the Home button on your device to exit your workout.  If you press on the Home button on your device your scores will not be saved in History or the database that stores your scores for future reference.

After Session 5 and the last ‘Hold Your Kegel’ screen, the FINISHED! screen will show your last score.

When the Next button is tapped, you will receive your final score. The FINAL SCORE! screen includes the scores from all five sessions. Tap Next again to return to the home screen.

If you are up to it and your physician agrees, you can do more than one training module at a time. Results improve with frequent use.*

The Live Mode Icon

If you have leva, you have probably been in the Live Mode part of the app while completing the Patient Progress Report with your health care professional. The Patient Progress Report is located on our website, and is a very easy to understand method of measuring your progress.

You can complete the Patient Progress Report at your healthcare provider’s office and/or on your own.  Each completed Patient Progress report is stored in your personal health record on our secure database, and can be shared with your physician.

Live Mode allows you to see how your muscles work in real time. In Live Mode you can try various activities to see how your pelvic floor changes. You can sit down to do your Lifts and see what that looks like. You can cough and see what happens. leva allows you to see that your pelvic floor is not static and show you how it moves.

Learn More

Tap on the Live Mode icon on the your leva app Home screen.

Live Mode is an exciting way to see your pelvic floor in action. The display shows the current angle of your vagina in real time. You can record all of the information displayed on the screen while in Live Mode. For instance, if you would like to record the total length of time you are able to hold a Kegel, press Start and do your Kegel. Tap Stop when you can no longer hold your Kegel, and the data is captured and recorded in your personal health record on our database.
You can use Live Mode to see:

  • How long you can hold a strong Kegel
  • How high your strongest Kegel will go (max angle)
  • The movement of your pelvic floor during various activities
  • The unique shape of your vagina
  • *The resting angle of your vagina, which will change as your pelvic floor gets stronger

The History Icon

Tap on the History icon to see the record of all of your completed training sessions. This information can be used to see your improvement over the course of your treatment plan. You can compare your final score from each completed training module as well as from session to session. You can also see the changes in your start and max angle from each training module.
Each training module is displayed in a row, and shows the following:

1. The date the exercise was performed
2. The time the exercise was performed
3. The start angle
4. The max angle
5. The final score of the training module
6. The maximum score for session 1
7. The maximum score for session 2
8. The maximum score for session 3
9. The maximum score for session 4
10. The maximum score for session 5

The Tour Icon

Tap on the Tour icon to learn more about leva.

The leva Site Icon

Tap on the leva site icon and it will take you directly to www.renoviainc.com for more information.

The FAQ Icon

Tap on the FAQ icon for commonly asked questions and troubleshooting.

For more information on the your leva app and the leva pelvic training system, refer to the USB included in your leva package or at www.renoviainc.com.

*Results may vary.